Just in from Mazin Qumsiyeh, From Gaza with Pain (and Dignity)

From Gaza With Pain (and Dignity) http://popular-resistance.blogspot.com/2014/07/pain-in-gaza.html It is hard not to cry watching the unfolding horror show in Gaza, children with heads blown off, pregnant woman with body torn by a shell, babies with missing limbs, targeting of playing children, targeting hospitals, targeting ambulances, and even a handicap center killing two handicap children. Israeli […]

Five Things You Can Do to Help Gaza

Forward from CJPME:  Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East Like us, many of you are probably upset and heartbroken by the recent violence which has resulted in over 213 Palestinian deaths, 1 Israeli death, and over 1400 injured. Worse, the Canadian government stands blindly with Israel as the carnage continues. If you […]

Perspective on Israel/Palestine: Peter Larson

News from Israel/Palestine by Peter Larson Depressed about the situation in the Middle East? You may not be looking in the right places. Israel has carried out deadly bombing raids over Gaza, killing and wounding many in alleged reprisals for a kidnapping/murder in the West Bank. But what effect is its show of muscle having […]