“Disappearing Palestine” Maps Posted!


As you know, the ad campaign conducted by the Palestine Awareness Coalition has raised enough funding for the four-part maps now posted on the sides of  15 buses and one of two murals at Vancouver Centre SkyTrain station.  Another SkyTrain station is scheduled for the second mural.  Despite the objections of the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver and the CIJA (the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs), the posters and mural are now on display!  Take a look when you are out and about in the City.

Skytrain ad 1

Media contacts for the Coalition have spoken with The Vancouver Province, where an article appeared in yesterday’s paper and another in today’s Sun and Province.



The CBC had this story on yesterday’s website:


The ads are causing a good deal of controversy (see Comments on the above sites), but our hope in informing the public in such a graphic manner is to spread awareness of the realities being experienced by the Palestinian people for far too long.

The Palestine Awareness Coalition is made up of the following groups:  Building Bridges Vancouver  http://www.buildingbridgesvancouver.wordpress.com
Independent Jewish Voices   http://www.ijvcanada.org
Canada Palestine Support Network  http://www.canpalnet.ca
Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign  http://www.boycottisraeliapartheid.org
Seriously Free Speech  http://www.seriouslyfreespeech.ca
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights  https://www.facebook.com/pages/SPHR-UBC/190741272305
Canadian Friends of Sabeel /  http://www.sabeel.ca
Near East Cultural & Educational Foundation  http://www.necef.org


Building Bridges Vancouver welcomes your comments.  Please note:  All comments are moderated before appearing onsite.  Comments do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Building Bridges Vancouver.  Submission guidelines:  1.  Please identify yourself.  2. Please be respectful.  3.  Please be relevant.  4.  Hate speech, threats, harassment, personal attacks and insults will be prohibited.

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